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The 12 Ways Of Christmas…

#3 – Intentional Gifting & Exchanging gifts

“As with exchanging cards people are increasingly cost conscious and recognise that over giving  can cause unnecessary stress and sometimes hardship for people”


–Martin Lewis has really galvanized the debate regarding “Stop Giving Rubbish” and about time too.

Once again work through your giving list and be thoughtful as to the reasons you have entered into a reciprocal giving arrangement. Many of my giving commitments were focused around children. I now have an 18 rule. I happily give to extended family ad friends children until they are 18 and then I stop.

I have made no giving agreements with friends and family and they have been only too happy to be free from the obligation of gift exchanges. Maybe I always gave rubbish gifts?

Once I am clear as to who I am buying gifts for I set the budget for each person. This way I am able to apportion funds fairly across my list.

I have now also introduced some rules relating to what I buy. Most people I know can and do get themselves what they want as and when they want it. I now prefer to give “experiences” and if I can I join in on the experience as well, all the better for everyone.

That way I am gifting both time and money and a creating precious memories to boot.

Have fantastic Christmas!

Jenny xxx

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