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The 12 Ways Of Christmas…

#12 – Enjoy The Now

Take Time In Each Moment To Notice The Joy and Be Grateful For What You Are Manifesting


In the busyness of this season we can find ourselves constantly thinking about the next…

  • Party
  • Meal
  • Present
  • Outfit
  • Person to be pleased
  • Tidy up and so it goes on

Overthinking what next is not only exhausting, it manages to steal the joy from the present moment.

Practice grounding yourself in the now and enjoying each moment you are in. Savour the sounds, sights and smells. Use your mind to absorb the memory and use photography sparingly. When you seek to recall, instead of having a one dimensional image of a moment in time in which you were concentrating on recording, you will have a multidimensional, multi-sensory, technicolour memory that will allow you to re-experience the moment and all the emotions you had too.

And in that moment acknowledge your part to play in manifesting the experience and give thanks for all who also contributed, including the universe.

Have a wonderful Christmas,

Jenny xxx

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