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Enjoy now, it’s all you have

Enjoy Now, It's All You Have Jenny Copeland, Drive-Thru Success 2 October 2018 Enjoy now, it’s all you have Being present is an important key to happiness. “I’ll be happy when …. ....I’m slimmer ....I have more money ....I have a boyfriend / girlfriend ....The kids...

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A Life Well Lived

A Life Well LivedJenny Copeland, Drive-Thru Success 4 September 2018A life well lived. When I heard the news that Louise Hay passed away, gently in her sleep, I am minded to consider how will the news of my passing be greeted. I never met Louise. I never had a chance...

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The Birthing of A Book

The Birthing of a Book Jenny Copeland, Drive-Thru Success 21 August2018 Have you ever wondered how long it takes to write a book and then publish it? I decided that becoming a published author was one of my life goals and would be one measure of my success. The...

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