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The 12 Ways Of Christmas…

#2 – Sending Messages at Christmas and the New  Year

“This can indeed be a minefield. I have asked around and it seems that people either love to give and receive cards whereas others see them as a waste of money and paper. ”


I have developed a mix and match approach to seasonal messaging.

1. People who are close to me and in the past I would have gifted presents to I now send “special” cards to. If I am in regular contact, either in person or via Facebook, I will make sure, if we can, to either meet up or do a catch up call over the holiday season.

2. Long distance relatives not on Facebook still get my Christmas letter. I know it is the butt of many jokes however I also know Aunties and friends enjoy the annual update with photos of the children.

3. I no longer give cards to work colleagues or neighbours. Instead I now prefer to donate money to charity and save a few trees n the meantime.

Whatever you decide to do .. Do it because you choose and not out of guilt.

Have a wonderful Christmas,

Jenny xxx

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