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Jenny Copeland, Drive-Thru Success

1st May 2019

Where was Moses when the lights went out? I love this very childish question. The answer of course is …  in the dark

Life has many conditions that can be all consuming, just like darkness, yet can be simply eradicated by introducing an alternative energy or focus and in the case of darkness, light.

Fear can be eliminated by trust. What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Anger can be eliminated by compassion. If we shift our focus from blame and the impact of the action on us to that of compassion and understanding for the other person, we can fundamentally change our mood and vibration almost instantaneously.

Lots of different forms of media focus on the premise that love is all there is, The Beatles song for example, and the film Love Actually perfectly encapsulate these messages. I can certainly vouch for the fact that every act that I have ever done that has been informed or fuelled by love has been a good act. The ensuing result may not be good … ergo the road to hell is paved with good intentions, but the acts themselves are good.

Love really does conquer all. All acts of love either towards ourselves or others can only be good.
Where love does not exist, there is at best a void or at worst hatred.

I worry that the seeming current epidemic of self-loathing and anxiety is fuelled by a pervasive desire to judge, comment and condemn anything that does not meet societies mainstream expectations. The name for people who provide the commentary is “haters”. Where there is hate there is no love.

Many couples choose Spring as the time of year to seal their relationship in marriage. Weddings provide a wonderful opportunity to observe love in all its glory.
We see the central characters glowing with love for each other, their wedding party and guests alike.
We see proud parents publicly expressing unconditional love for their children and how this is reciprocated.
Throughout the process of planning and enjoying a wedding all considerations that are filtered through the filter of love will provide solutions that are bathed in an energy of positivity.

When we love ourselves enough to surround ourselves with people who share our values and align to our vibration we will enjoy relationships of acceptance and non -judgement. These people will be understanding and when we must make decisions that impact on them unfavourably they will bless us for our consideration and be happy for the decision we have made.

Transversely when we hold others in high esteem and experience them in a loving way we too can be free from feelings of hurt or rejection when others have to make decisions that are unfavourable to us.

Noticing the absence of love is yet another habit that needs to be practised, starting with ourselves.

Mirror work is a great way to start evaluating how much you truly love yourself or indeed, notice how much you have been neglecting yourself. This can be much harder than it sounds. Stand in front of a mirror and if you are really brave be naked (that is an indication of where I need to do work on myself). Then starting with your eyes, the window of the soul, tell yourself something you love about yourself. Look deeply and mean it. Then, starting at the top of your head, work your way down noticing and expressing love for each aspect of your body.

When I first did this, and sometimes I still do, I found myself unable to find anything positive at all to love. I find it very easy to comment on my deficits. My blemishes, faults and flaws. The aspects of myself that do not live up to societies “perfect and plastic” version of perfection.

With gentleness and persistence I have been able to refocus on my strengths and blessings. I can also make decisions to increase self-care or invest in myself. I see these decisions as acts of kindness and love directed towards myself. I can also find myself laughing at observations now that in the past would have been met with disgust and self-loathing.

I have arrived at the destination of being enough and OK with myself. I am not perfect, I am not damaged, I am me and I love me.

I wish for you this Spring the experience of noticing and absorbing all the love that exists in the world, starting with yourself.


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