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Jenny Copeland, Drive-Thru Success

12th March 2019

Spring brings an enduring and eternal hope for new beginnings and opportunities

After the darkness and cold of the winter months, there is warmth and light and a reminder that nothing remains forever. Nature, running to its own timetable, effortlessly breaks forth buds, leaves and flowers and breathes new life into flora and fauna alike. Animals wake from their winter hibernation safe in the knowledge that their food sources are once again replenished and abundant.

To the best of our knowledge we believe that this is all happening as nature intended. We are not aware of any plants or animals second guessing their fate. I presume they do not sit in judgement of themselves. Am I good enough, or smart enough, or pretty enough, or slim enough, or worthy enough, or qualified enough to … emerge, hatch, bloom or grow.

So, it defeats me as to why, the supposedly most intelligent species on the planet, wastes so much of its energy considering these very things. Focusing on perceived limitations and comparisons which only steal the joy and beauty of the moment.

Of course the answer in part is down to the unrealistic images that we are force-fed like foie gras ducks. Instead of producing grotesquely enlarged livers, we have developed grotesquely enlarged and unrealistic expectations of ourselves and society.

Our hopes become entangled in desires to have ‘instant’ everything… instant coffee, instant meals, instant money, instant celebrity, instant wealth, instant promotion, instant gratification.

We have in some ways lost sight of the flow and ebb of our natural planet. Birth, growth, consolidation, diminishment and eventually death. If we are truly fortunate we will live full and complete lives. Many of us won’t and many of us are determined to keep pushing the fast forward button towards an early exit.

Every day, indeed every second, presents us with an opportunity to choose hope over perceived fate, patience over intolerance, acceptance over judgement. In doing so we can then convert our hopes into goals and eventually actions. We can be gentle on ourselves with this process.

I hope to eat more healthily versus I never have enough time to plan my meals. I hope to be gentler with my body versus I am so stressed all the time and I hope to enjoy more time with my family versus I can never find time to do fun things with my family.

I also hope our world leaders will make excellent choices for our planet and we, the current virus on our planet will increasingly choose to nurture our home instead of ravaging its resources in a wild binge of hedonistic overconsumption.

What difference can one person make to our planet. As the Dalai Lama said “If you think you are too small to make a difference … try sleeping with a mosquito in the room”.

I hope for you a spring of new beginnings, of renewal and joy and thoughts and deeds that allow you flow with nature’s intentions for you – a life of energy and fulfilment.

Jenny x

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