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Jenny Copeland, Drive-Thru Success

26th March 2019

“Visions and dreams rush forth and take the visionary by surprise”

Have you ever wondered what a seed would think or indeed thinks as it becomes planted in the earth?

Covered in soil in the cold earth, surrounded by darkness, isolated and left to its own devices. Left to wait until it is time for its own special emergence.

I wonder if it compares itself to other seeds or bulbs? As snowdrops emerge before the bluebells do they feel victorious? Do they believe they are smarter or better than the bluebells? Transversely do the bluebells think they are failures or indeed worry that their time will never come?

Nature has this wonderful way of phasing the emergence of the new buds in spring. Spreading the timing and duration of its colour palette providing earth with a perpetual blanket of vibrancy.

We are no different. Each one of us is an expression of nature. We have our own innate talents and gifts. Our own colour palette which we can use to spread joy and texture in our endeavours and relationships.

Our seeds are our intentions. We plant them in the rich soil of an abundant vibrant universe. Unlike the gestation period of animals and plants we have no time plan to work with. We operate from a place of hope and perseverance. Our hopes are expressions of our faith and trust in the universal process of manifestation.

If we have created our intention from a place of genuine intent. If we have listened to our soul and are driven by the whispers of knowing that fuel our desire to be, do or have something and are then committed to the action and work required to nurture and grow our desire, then like the bluebells, one day our manifestation will emerge.


This emergence may take time. We may start to notice signs or coincidences consistent with our ask. We may notice we are talking more confidently to more people about our needs and people are willingly helping us make connections or giving us guidance and support.

Alternatively, like the oak tree in my garden, the emergence may be explosive and almost overnight – bang! A full explosion of leaves suddenly springs open as if choreographed by Buzby Berkley. If we are not careful we can be caught off-guard by such enormous acts of emergence.

I recall once being offered a very large contract. I had held a vision for my business that it would double its income in that trading year and bang, seemingly out of the blue came the opportunity to take on a large and lucrative contract that would indeed double my income.

You would think my reaction would have been “Yipee!” and at one level it was, however I was also overcome with fear and anxiety. Was I good enough? Could I cope? What if I let the company down?

Somehow, when I planted the seed of intention, I thought it would take many months to ferment and grow and the immediacy of the emergence left me feeling vulnerable and unprepared.

I now often warn my clients to “Hold onto your hat!,” as I frequently see visions and dreams rush forth and take the visionary by surprise.

So, whether our visions manifest slowly or quickly says as much about the universe as it does about us. The part we have to play is steeped in action, self-belief, being observant and open to opportunities. We need to be hopeful and persistent.

The universe will do its part in its own magical, mystical time. If you are feeling that you are in the dark waiting for your emergence don’t compare yourself to others. Do what you need to do and then breathe, enjoy the now and have faith that when the time is right, you too will have your own abundant breakthrough.

Jenny x

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