Reading Drive-Thru Success could seriously change your life for the better!

In Drive-Thru Success, Jenny Copeland, a world-class performance improvement coach with 30 years’ experience, not only explains the science of success, she provides you with the how in the form of practical exercises based on some of the best personal development programmes and philosophies in the world. Their effectiveness is put to the test by co-author Vhairi Slaven, who takes you on her journey as she test-drives the philosophies and exercises, candidly sharing her thoughts, feelings, and successes along the way.

Using the analogy of a drive-thru restaurant, this interactive workbook explains three simple steps to creating a life of happiness and fulfilment:


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Whether you are new to personal development or you are looking for practical exercises to help you get the most from the law of attraction as described in books like the Secret, Drive-Thru Success is a fast and effective way to achieve the success you truly desire.

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