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You Can Monitor, Manage And Maximise Your Vibration

Jenny Copeland, Drive-Thru Success

13th November 2018

“We attract at the same level that we vibrate. You can monitor, manage, and maximise your vibration”
In my house no one is allowed to mention the C word until after my youngest son Aaron’s November birthday.
As the Christmas season approaches for many people it is a time of joy and anticipation. For others it is a time of sadness, anxiety, and stress.

I have spent many years missing dearly departed loved ones and distant family and friends. I have also agonised over buying decisions in terms of budget, equity and “will it be what they want?”

In doing so I have unintentionally created a negative atmosphere around Christmas and become the kind of person people try to avoid.

Thankfully that is now in my past. I decided a few years ago to be clear as to what was causing my low energy and feelings. I then created two lists. One list was the things I could change the other the things I couldn’t.

I made a decision to practice accepting the things I couldn’t change. I still felt the sadness and pain but I stopped trying to fix situations that couldn’t be fixed and I certainly couldn’t bring my loved ones back to life or be omnipresent in four different countries!

In time my acceptance turned to calm and eventually joy. Now when I notice I am experiencing the pain of loss I express the love that I had in the relationship in the first place and offer a prayer of gratitude. This helps to shift my focus and vibration into a positive one.

The list of things I can influence well …. I get on and influence it.

I now set a clear affordable budget. I allocate funds accordingly and I enjoy finding gifts that I hope people will appreciate within the allocated spend limit. I think I manage to get it right .. most of the time.

If I am missing a distant loved one I call them. If I am missing a dearly departed I reflect on the love we share and give gratitude that they were in my life… oh and tell them so.

The result is calm, peace of mind and happiness.

You too can manage your vibration and sense of wellbeing by following these simple rules at any time of the year. Namaste.

Jenny x

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