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When I Am Being Challenged I Must Ask Myself: What Do I Need To Learn?

Jenny Copeland, Drive-Thru Success

20th November 2018

“I am writing the narrative to my life.. I get to choose the ending.”
It is a very sobering thought that the only person in this world that I can change is me.

I can go through life bemoaning what it is about others that makes them wrong and why they make my life less than and wishing they would change to make my life better. Or I can go through life focusing on me, my goals, thoughts, and behaviours and change the things about me that need to be changed to have a happier and more fulfilled life.

Therefore, I see life as being in the classroom. As each event happens I get to choose the meaning I give to it and how I respond to it. For more major or important events I spend time researching and reflecting. I can do as Covey would recommend and “seek to understand” before I act. Always with the primary objective to maintain my sense of wellbeing and harmony. Taking responsibility for me and my actions and allowing others to do the same.

In closing, life is a series of events that will either make you feel fabulous, neutral or rubbish.

When I notice I am not feeling great about something… that is my opportunity to reflect and learn.

My question is: What do I need to learn and how can I use that learning so that I can be restored to harmony and balance?

Jenny x

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