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What You Put Your Focus On Is What You Get!

Jenny Copeland, Drive-Thru Success

11 September 2018

Are you running away from your fears or towards your dreams?

I believe that we write our cheques of intention from our heart not our head. We may think it is our head but our subconscious trumps the conscious every time.

Research tells us that we can generally maintain between 5 and 9 thoughts at any given time and as the next thought or instruction comes on the mental conveyor belt an earlier one will drop off.

The less important the thought or idea the quicker it will fade away.

If we set ourselves a poorly constructed goal that is not rooted in desire and meaning this will be a fragile visitor to our conveyor belt and will always be vulnerable to the next shiny thing that comes along.

If, however we take the time to really explore all the reason and deep meaning we can attach to our desire we create intention and meaning.

When we put this on the conveyor belt instead of it being precariously left to chance we are planting the seed or sapling dream and giving it roots to embed on the belt.

As other priorities come along it will survive and each time we reinforce the importance of its very existence we are strengthening the roots and creating deeper meaning and connection.

It is essential that the deepest root is created in hope and opportunity. Positive energies that will inspire action and commitment to the action required to make the dream come true.

If the deepest root is fear it may in the short-term drive action, but these actions will be fearful and the focus will be on getting away from something.

The drive towards what you want is much more powerful than the adrenaline fuelled fear actions that will stop once the perceived fear has one away.

Noticing what is wrong in life is a good starting point to work from. Committing to change your circumstances is empowering.

Creating clarity as to what you want will provide you with the picture of success, the destination for your journey and enable you to root that intention deeply into your heart and motivate you to do what is required to achieve the goal.

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Jenny x

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