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Let It Go!

Jenny Copeland, Drive-Thru Success

6th November 2018

“Your time and energy is better spent elsewhere.”

This week I found myself on a phone call that was not going well. I started to feel irritated and eventually this grew into annoyance and eventually anger.

A year ago I would have remained on that call and I could have wasted hours complaining and trying to prove to the company how rubbish they were.

This year I, very quickly, decided to let it go! I explained to the call handler why I was no longer happy with the call and the I exited from it quickly.

I have learnt to focus on me. What am I working to achieve with my life and how can I best use my precious time and energy to achieve it. Spending hours moaning will not get me to my goals!

I no longer have a need to be right .. I have let it go. I am also mindful that rather than negate that company I can choose to learn from the experience and ensure I never treat my clients that way.

What is an unhelpful habit or belief that you need to let go of?

Why not decide today to just let it go!

Jenny x

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