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Enjoy Now, It’s All You Have

Jenny Copeland, Drive-Thru Success
2 October 2018

Enjoy now, it’s all you have

Being present is an important key to happiness.

“I’ll be happy when ….
….I’m slimmer
….I have more money
….I have a boyfriend / girlfriend
….The kids are out of nappies
….The kids go to school
….I have a better job”

And so it goes on!


How often have you caught yourself declaring this? Surely it would be a great idea to be happy now!


When I clear out old drawers or cupboards I often find old diaries or logs. I look back on my weight goal when I was 25 and seriously if only I could turn the clock back and slap myself into realisation that I was a very healthy weight and size as I was!

What was I chasing? Some idealistic version of perfection that for many is unrealistic and undermining.

Of course, I still catch myself “wishing” however, I am now extremely disciplined and quickly focus on what about this moment I am grateful for and therefore more than happy with my lot as it is.

From this place of positivity, I can focus my energy on what I can do to progress my life towards my goals confident in the knowledge that I am enjoying the journey.

Have a great week,

Jenny x

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