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Avoid People Who Have A Problem For Every Solution

Jenny Copeland, Drive-Thru Success

13th November 2018

“We become who we spend time with”

 It is said that if you look at the characteristics of your 5 closest relationships you will have a summary of your own outlook and behaviours.

 If we spend time who people who are hardwired to be negative, see the worst in every situation and expect the worst from life then eventually we may start to believe the world is as such.

 We can all find ourselves in the doldrums from time to time however we don’t need to set up residence there. We certainly do not want to become that problem focused person!

I have key friends who I know will support me in seeing life in a more positive way or indeed coach me into making decisions that will help me move toward a happier and more resourceful state.

Who are your go to people when you need support to move away from your own negativity?

Jenny x

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