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A Life Well Lived

Jenny Copeland, Drive-Thru Success

4 September 2018

A life well lived.

When I heard the news that Louise Hay passed away, gently in her sleep, I am minded to consider how will the news of my passing be greeted.

I never met Louise. I never had a chance to attend any of her workshops however I have read some of her books and I attribute my own journey to her seminal book You Can Heal Your Life.

It was through reading this book and putting into action the lessons and philosophies held within, that I have been able to deepen my own self-awareness, spiritual practice and subsequently coaching practice.

Like many of us Louise had a life of joy and sorrow, highs and lows, success, and failure. Through her generous sharing and reflection, she gave me not only hope but practical advice and tools.

She has been my teacher and I hope as a student I too can continue her work to inspire and guide people on their own healing journey whilst I continue with my own. 

Louise, thank you for a life well lived I looked to you as a role model and see myself as a disciple of yours I hope I live up to your standards.

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