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The Birthing of a Book

Jenny Copeland, Drive-Thru Success

21 August2018

Have you ever wondered how long it takes to write a book and then publish it?

I decided that becoming a published author was one of my life goals and would be one measure of my success. The ability to translate my life’s work into something that I could share widely.

The first draft of Drive-Thru Success was written more than 10 years ago and although my intention to finish it and attempt publication was always there, my energy, focus and will wasn’t.

“Birthing this book happened in a way that is so true to its contents. I took three simple steps:

Step 1 – Ask

I was crystal clear as to my intention and I asked for a successful book that would help people around the world be the absolute best version of themselves that they could be.

I asked to publish a book that will help people around the world in a way that I as one individual coaching in Scotland can’t.

Step 2 – Action

I had originally put in the action required to create the book … or at least I thought I had, and then disaster struck.

Ill health, followed by the credit crunch knocked me off track and for years the manuscript sat in a drawer gathering dust and disappointment. However, I never let go of my dream to finish the book and get it published.

Fast forward 9 years (it was a long pregnancy) and I really shouldn’t be surprised that once the conditions were right I met the perfect person to help me achieve my dream, Vhairi Slaven.

A spooky, synchronistic meeting with Vhairi led us to talk about how we could help each other achieve our goals. This led to a year of intense action, increased learning and lots of laughter

Step 3 – Actualise

We did it. We achieved first stage of our vision – publication of the book. We will need to continue with lots of action in order to help it along its way and value the support we are receiving from lots of people to get there.

I guess I have gone through many of the stages of birthing. Preparation, conception, growth, sickness, blooming, nesting and now I am experiencing Braxton Hicks … trial labour pains in readiness for the next exciting stage.

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