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Signed Paperback Copy of Drive-Thru Success


Adding Drive-Thru Success to your personal library is a great decision and we know that you will love the book and, most importantly, use it as a work book.

You’re unique and one of a kind. Why not get your hands on a uniquely signed copy of Drive-Thru Success.

Signed by Jenny and Vhairi with a personalisation note of your choice.

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WARNING: Reading this book could seriously change your life!

3 Simple Steps – Ask, Action, Actualise takes you on a journey of

Jenny and Vhairi dedicate this book to everyone who is on this journey called life and have felt lost. To all those who have gone down the wrong road and wondered how they could ever find their way back.

To everyone who has experienced anxiety, depression, addiction, melancholy, self-consciousness, doubt, loneliness, judgement, or alienation.

It is not easy to share how you feel about these things, but we felt like we had to share them to let you know that most people feel these things – it doesn’t make you weak, sensitive, or weird – it makes you human.

Drive-Thru Success represents the latest school of thought in the field of coaching, positive psychology, personal success and manifestation. It is the result of 30 years of coaching hundreds of people in a variety of ways: one-to-one, in groups, privately, corporately and in the community.

Adding it to your reading list is an amazing decision. We hope you enjoy reading it but most importantly, we hope you use it as a workbook and action taking guide.


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