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Creating a better world by helping people to experience life in the best way possible.

Jenny Copeland

Jenny Copeland


I have, in many ways, had a very ordinary life however I have often felt as if I was living it in the third person. Events that were affecting my life and others around me didn’t seem to have an equal impact. Sometimes I seemed to be more adversely affected than my counterparts and more often it was the other way round. Therefore over the years, and due to my interesting experiences with many people, I became fascinated by the science of human performance.

In my corporate career I have been an operational manager, leader and organisation development and leadership consultant working in blue chip and public sector companies. This further increased my curiosity as to:

What is the difference that makes the difference to a person’s performance or happiness?”

In the pursuit of an answer to this question I have studied performance psychology, coaching and NLP and latterly ran my own Performance Improvement Consultancy, Secrets of Success.

I am passionate about helping people be the very best they can be and hope that by publishing my book co-authored by Vhairi Slaven, Drive-Thru Success, we can in some small way help create a better world.

I am a high energy individual who blends compassion, insight, challenge and a desire for action and progress with humour, humility and a real sense of fun together to engender hope for a better future.

Outside of work I am a mother of three who enjoys yoga, walking, baking or more truthfully eating and changing the world.

Vhairi Slaven

Vhairi Slaven

Co-Author & Test Driver

I had given up on my dreams and aspirations by the time I was in my early twenties. I managed to get a University degree in Cinema and Cultural Studies, but I wasn’t using it, and I took on various unsuitable jobs as a bar person, a paralegal and a letting agent before deciding to go travelling in Australia, where I tried out fruit picking, cattle mustering and contact lens packing.

When I came back, I re-discovered my ambition and creativity and decided that I wanted to be a writer.

I started blogging and writing film reviews for an online magazine and took a job in the NHS, firstly as a personal assistant and then as a communications assistant in the press office. I am now a qualified yoga teacher and have spent the last few years writing and collaborating on several books, one of which is Drive-Thru Success.

My success in my career and my life has only come through figuring out a way to believe in myself. I have developed this self-belief by reading about philosophy, personal development, the law of attraction, yoga, Buddhism, doing personal development courses like the Key, and more recently being coached by Jenny.

My vision is to be a writer and a yoga teacher whose life inspires others to believe that they can cast off any limitations and experience life in such a way that they would choose to come back and would recommend this experience to others, as I have learned to do. I hope that my input in Drive-Thru Success helps people to believe that they can achieve this, and that the book gives people the practical tools to empower people to do so, and that therefore Jenny and I make the world a better place.

Vhairi Slaven and Jenny Copeland of Drive-Thru Success

Our Story

We met working in the NHS and over the course of a couple of years, became friends. After a synchronistic informal meeting in March 2016, we decided to work together to get Drive-Thru Success finished, tested and ready to share with the world. The project has strengthened our friendship and relationship and not surprisingly, improved our lives for the better as we both continually followed and discussed the principles in the book.

We hope that what comes across most in the book is our genuine desire to empower people to have the best experience of life as possible. We have suffered pain, heartache, failure and a lack of self-belief throughout our lives, but we are drawn to books, courses and people that help us to lift ourselves up again, as you clearly are.

Thank you for visiting our website and for showing an interest in Drive-Thru Success, we hope it helps you the way it has helped us.

Drive straight through!